Saturday, June 11, 2011


Sometimes you have to run away

So you can see who will run after you

Sometimes you have to talk quieter

Just to see who’s actually listening

Sometimes you have to take a step back

Just to see who’s still by your side.

Sometimes you make a wrong decision

Just to see who’s there when all falls down

Sometimes you have to let go the one you love

Just to see if they love you enough to comeback.


  1. terharu la datin baca post ni
    lagi ayat yg last tu =)

  2. mas...hehehehe...thu xpe kan.....btl gak 2..kdgn2 kita nk thu org 2 btl2 syg kat kita dgn me'let' go kan die dri kita la....once die dtg blk means dia dicipta kan dan mmg syg kat kita...hehehehehehe